Transporting our guests through time – and bringing New York City to life!
Our mission was to create a new kind of walking tour. One that allowed guests to experience live performances, learn interesting facts and even explore New York City on their own without ever feeling lost. After all, who wouldn't appreciate a few lines from a Shakespeare play while in the Shakespeare Garden? Or taking a break to visit One World Observatory at their own pace?

In the Fall of 2018, City Rambler Inc. was born, breathing new life into the ever-popular walking tour, and quickly becoming recognized as innovators of a concept that delivers guests a deeply immersive New York City experience like no other.

The historical, cultural and social roots of New York City are no longer confined to dusty books or the lifeless reciting of stale facts. City Rambler guests are plunged into the city’s storied past through vibrant and entertaining characters in period costume — professional-actor guides that educate, entertain and inspire with unique perspectives and lively banter. Along the way, you may be introduced to a second character that adds yet another dimension of life in New York City as they guide you on your tour.

To create a more relaxed and personal experience, we added “Ramble Points” along our tour routes, allowing our guests to explore, take a break or simply soak in the city life around them. That's how we want to show you the city — in a non-restricted and inspiring way.  So you can fully experience New York, from iconic landmarks and attractions, to the cobblestone streets of historic settlements.

Come and see the city in a whole new way, where locals and visitors alike delight in the colliding of past and present. Where little-known stories of fortune seekers, sailors, writers and politicians come to life.

Transporting our guests through time – and bringing New York City to life!
As you ramble on our tours, City Rambler will afford you the opportunity to "Ramble Off" at a designated point to enjoy and explore some of what the city has to offer at your own pace. Simply re-join the next group as they come to the Ramble Point, anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours later.
Professional actor-guides
With strict screening of knowledge and talent, we recruit only the best in the industry for our team. Thorough training and rehearsing with each actor-guide guarantees a quality guest experience every time. Some tours offer multiple characters, promising that each tour will be entirely unique unto itself.
Dynamic, ever-evolving tours
No tour is exactly alike. Each character introduces the city from their own unique perspective, experience and background. Even the same character is always evolving, along with the ever-changing landscape of the city.
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